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Chinese Medicine

using traditional principles and modern methodologies for pain relief, acute and chronic illnesses, and injuries

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Chinese Medicine as a holistic treatment

Classical Chinese Medicine is an ancient study of the physical and energetic function of a body which has been in wide use in China for over 3000 years, and is now a popular method of healthcare and pain relief all over the world. It can help to treat anything from headaches and migraines, to chronic conditions such as ME, fibromyalgia. It can boost post-viral, post-operation and post-chemotherapy recovery and much more     

Musculoskeletal issues, back pain, sports injuries, sprains

At our clinic we can provide immediate an lasting pain relief to the injury site, mobilise restricted joints and tissues by working with the sinew channels, move Blood and Fluids in the area to speed up the healing process, and use various techniques such as cupping, moxa or massage to accelerate the repair and recovery. 

Viruses, respiratory problems, seasonal and chronic allergies

Viruses are currently a prevalent problem in the world – we can assist the body to protect against them by strengthening the body’s immunity – nourishing the respiratory and digestive systems, and expelling external pathogenic invasions. At early stages, we trigger the immune response to get the body to expel the invading factor. During the progression of the illness we boost the energy production within the body to assist with recovery. 

Digestive issues, abdominal pain

Modern lifestyle – stress and abundance of unhealthy foods often strongly impact the digestive system, resulting in bloating, constipation, increased toxicity, low energy levels and other issues. We can address these problems by boosting the function of digestive organs, freeing up the intestines and restoring the balance of Fluids and Fires within the body

Fertility, menstruation, menopause and sexual function

If you’re struggling with PMS, irregular or excessive menstrual cycle, vaginal discomfort, or if you are trying to get pregnant – traditional Chinese medical techniques are very successful at addressing any issues. We have various methods to help the female body to synchronize with the Lunar cycle, address the quality of Blood and harmonize its flow, and to restore the balance of Yin and Yang within the body. Menopause is classically described as “Second Spring” and should be a pleasant experience – the accumulated stress and illnesses of the preceding years often result in disharmony in the Fluids and Fires of the body, which we can address to alleviate symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, dryness etc.

Female fertility is addressed via the regulation of the menstrual cycle. To improve male fertility and sexual function,  we use acupuncture to nourish Jing (an essential substance) and improve organ and energetic function by addressing the balance of Yin and Yang within the body, as well as giving you “life-nourishing” Yang Shen Fa advice to help you help yourself.

Stress management, migraines, anxiety, depression, insomnia

Modern stresses of having a job and running a family, the pressures that we put on ourselves and the lack of down-time will eventually affect our health, resulting in things link irritability, depression, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, a feeling of burnout, tinnitus, trouble sleeping, etc. With acupuncture and other more physical and nourishing treatments, and lifestyle recommendation, we can help nourish the underlying deficiencies, and clear the excesses which affect out physical and mental well-being



Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine-based approach to treating a variety of conditions by triggering specific points in the superficial layer of the body with needles. Acupuncture uses the theory of the energetic channel system to stimulate the function of various substances of the body and the internal organs. Through the skillful and painless use of extremely fine needles, the therapist re-balances the energetic system of the patient to alleviate pain and induce faster healing. Skillful acupuncture treatment has a profound effect on both body and mind.

Scalp acupuncture is a modern technique, designed for indirectly stimulatings areas of the brain, and is effective for relieving neurological conditions such as Stroke, Parkinsons and MS



Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that uses vacuum to release bound up tissues, move stagnation and fluids, help flush blood in areas where trauma occured, and nourish deficiencies. The therapist will apply medicated oil onto the patient’s back or other problematic area, and apply cups either using flame or suction device. The treatment may leave characteristic bruise-like marks, which will disappear within a few days.

Cupping has recently become a recognised treatment for Olympic athletes, as it greatly speeds up recovery from both injuries and general training.

TuiNa medical massage

TuiNa medical massage

Traditionally, this full-body massage is performed over clothes, with a sheet over the top.  Additionally, we work directly on specific joints using medicated oils and linments.

Using deep or light pressure and an array of techniques used, such as kneading, chopping, hacking, shaking, applying pressure, and traction, the therapist will work on your tissues to remove tension/spasm in the muscles, move stagnation and reset skeletal alignments to help the body bring itself into harmony, and to accelerate the healing processes. This is a very effective treatment for lasting relief for musculo-skeletal issues, and more.



Gua Sha (oil scraping) is a technique used for pain relief, muscular tightness and knots, clearing stagnation, releasing fascia and boosting the healing process. This powerful treatment also has a strong effect on fascia release and boosting the organ function. The therapist will apply a medicated oil to the problematic area of the patient’s body, and using the GuaSha tool with various degrees of pressure will skillfully scrape along the required area. It is somewhat similar to cupping.

Katya has discovered her passion for Daoist arts several years ago, and since then has dedicated a large part of her life to explore, train, internalise and embody the principles of working with mind and body following Daoist tradition.  Katya on a daily basis practices QiGong, Taichi and meditation. In 2019 Katya has taken up the study of Chinese Medicine with Xian Tian College, getting profficient in pulse and tongue diagnosis, acupuncture, massage, cupping, moxibustion, traction and other techniques. Since then Katya had the opportunity to work with many clients, treating a variety of health issues, from chronic deficiencies to sports injuries.


  • Acupuncture Diploma (Distinction), XianTian College of Chinese Medicine, 2023
  • TuiNa Diploma, XianTian College of Chinese Medicine, 2022
  • Scalp Acupuncture for neurological conditions CPD (Dr Wang Tianjun, 2021)
  • Qi Gong Instructor, Lotus Nei Gong 2019


I’ve had lower back pain for many years, as well as arthritis in one hip, and have been going to physio almost weekly for a long time. I booked a treatment session with Kat, where she did massage and cupping, and felt immediate relief. Kat was very considerate, explained what she was doing, and I felt very comfortable during treatment.

Kathy, 66

After sparring at the gym, I injured my elbow during pad work – it felt bruised and sore to touch. Kat did massage on the elbow and shoulder, and by the next day the injury was gone, so I could get back to training. Very effective treatment, I’ll definitely be happy come back again!

Jonny, 20

I had been suffering from shoulder pain for years, nothing and no-one could resolve the pain. After just three Tui Na, Accupuncture and Cupping sessions with Katya, who explained me exactly what was going on around my shoulder and what to do to help myself, I’m feeling like a new woman and enjoying in full my yoga sessions. Amazing!

Mila, 64

I suffer from chronic back pain and migrains as well as stress related muscle tension. Kat’s holistic treatment left me feeling relaxed and pain free. It greatly helped with my recovery after traumatic life event, which affected me both physically and mentally. I can strongly recommend the treatment for anyone who suffers with chronic pain and stress.

Alexandra, 39