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Lifetime of Transformation

Personal cultivation transcends the repetition of mere training tasks; it unfolds as a continuous journey, becoming the background of everything you do

Katya Sourkova

Meet the Instructor

Katya sees teaching as a transformative journey centered around meeting each student’s unique needs. It goes beyond imparting techniques and learning movements, fostering a connection to the ancient practice that inspires personal growth on multiple levels. As an internal arts teacher, Katya creates a supportive space that adapts to individual energy levels and learning styles. Through empathy and encouragement, Katya will guide students on a path of self-discovery, helping them tap into their inner strengths and cultivate a harmonious balance of mind and body. When studying Qi Gong or Tai Chi with Katya, expect to get:

  • Detailed instruction of forms and movements
  • Guidance on transforming the body in accordance with the authentic principles of Yi Jin Jing (易筋经 ) Muscle and Tendon Changing Classic
  • Breathwork
  • Mental qualities for continued growth in internal arts
  • Chinese Medicine advice for improving health, where appropriate
  • Help with the material as it is taught at the Internal Arts Academy

The Journey

Katya’s journey into internal arts is a fascinating exploration of personal growth and transformation. Her path is perhaps unconventional, transitioning from a career in information technology to becoming a dedicated practitioner of Daoist Arts, following inner yearning for purpose and fulfillment.

Katya’s early career in software engineering, though marked by dedicated work, proven results and many achievements, left her searching for something more profound in life. To fill the void, this quest led her through a series of adventurous activities like rock climbing, ski touring, skydiving, and motorbike racing, accumulating happy memories and diverse experiences along the way. However, it wasn’t until 2017, in her mid 30s, that Katya discovered the Daoist Qi Gong taught in London at Lotus Nei Gong International, which turned her exploration inwards.

The transformative power of internal arts took hold of Katya, leading to achieving qualifications for teaching Qi Gong by the end of 2019. This marked a significant shift as Katya decided to step away from her conventional career path and hobbies, dedicating herself full-time to the study of internal arts under the guidance of Damo Mitchell. Damo’s acceptance of Katya as an Nei Jia (inner door) student is a landmark of a deep commitment to her personal and spiritual development within the Daoist Arts tradition.

Since making this life-altering decision, Katya has immersed herself in personal practice, delving into the intricacies of Chinese Medicine, and eventually guiding others on their own remarkable journeys through Daoist Arts. As a teacher at Lotus Nei Gong events, she humbly shares her dedication to the wisdom and transformative potential of these ancient practices with others.

Katya’s story is a testament to the idea that the search for purpose and fulfillment is a lifelong journey, and sometimes, the path to self-discovery takes unexpected turns. She hopes that her courage to embrace change, leave behind the familiar, and commit to the profound study of internal arts can serves as an inspiration for those seeking a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.


I would like to extend immeasurable gratitude to my esteemed teacher, Damo Mitchell. Having crossed the threshold of Lotus Nei Gong, under his guidance I discovered the transformative benefits, joy, and endless fascination of various internal arts, including Tai Chi, Baguazhang, Xing Yi Chuan, Chinese Medicine and more. Damo’s ongoing guidance, generosity, patience, and light-hearted approach continue to be a great source of inspiration for me.

Katya Sourkova