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Welcome to a transformative journey towards joy and well-being! As a dedicated Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner and instructor, Katya‘s wish is to help you find a way to a happier and healthier life. Together, let’s embark on a holistic approach to wellness through the ancient Eastern practices of working with Breath, Mind and Body.

Acupuncture Flashcards

Katya is currently working on the 2nd edition of Acupuncture Flashcards, based on the feedback of the sold-out 1st edition

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Coming to your treatment appointment

Coming to your treatment appointment

Before your visit... Make sure you eat something on the day of treatment, but over an hour before coming in Don't drink any flavoured drinks for 1 hour before If you do tongue scraping - please don't do it on the day of the visit Wear something can can give easy...

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